2008 Scareware perspective +New rogue scareware program: Antivirus 360

Rogue security products, often referred to as “scareware”, are a form of malware that uses scare tactics to make people falsely believe their systems are infected with malware, in exchange for payment.

It’s a form of extortion that we’ve routinely blogged about.

Sunbelt’s Patrick Jordan keeps track of a lot of them, and has put together a boatload of screen shots of these rogues from 2008.

I’ve posted them to my Flickr account, here (faithful blog readers will recall I did something similar back in 2006).

I’m a bit late on blogging this, but there’s a new rogue, Antivirus 360, which replaces Antivirus 2009.

Antivirus 360_OnlineScannerScam

Antivirus 360_InstallBox

Antivirus 360_GUI

The scam scan is at:

antivirus-rapid-scanner com/360/1/en/_freescan.php?sid=880751

Also, an exe is downloaded from

lead-protection com/download/av_360glof.exe