Skyfire Brings Another Mobile Browser To The Market

The new offering from Skyfire is designed to allow smartphone users to view full web pages with active content from sites like Facebook and YouTube and the pages are expected to load in significantly less time.

Explaining the technology behind Skyfire ability to render web pages at quicker rates, Mike Fletcher, Skyfire’s business development manager in UK mentioned that it uses a proxy server to render web pages before they are sent to a user’s handset.

Fletcher also pointed out that Skyfire utilizes minimum processor and memory resources owing to the fact that maximum processing takes place at the server side and went on to add “It's not a watered-down mobile version of the web. It can be the same as you see on the PC.”

The browser is also expected to allow users to seamlessly use web applications like Google Docs through its interface and it also expects that is full support for Java and Flash based applications will make it a popular choice amongst smartphone users.

The company plans to unveil its release version in near future though it is yet to specify an exact date.

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