TFL Launches Online Tools For London Commuters

In a move to ease the persistent delays that commuters experience while travelling through the tube network, Transport for London (TfL) has unveiled a bunch of tools that would provide forward looking information to its users.

Some of the prominent features of the service include text messages which would inform them of any possible delays in their usual travel routes along with weekly email alerts that will include comprehensive travel related information related to the weekends including any possible line closures.

TfL also plans to have interactive tube maps that provide information on planned delays; in addition travel widgets will be available for download which users can integrate with their blogs and web pages.

Explaining the rationale behind the move, Richard Parry, London Undergrounds director of strategy mentioned 'Travel Tools' services, providing easy access to real time travel information, service updates, and a Tube map you can use on your mobile, means that you can check before you travel or on the move".

It is interesting to note that tube delays are amongst the favourite excuses employees in London put forward for reaching late to office and these services are expected to make think twice before blaming the tube for their tardiness.

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