Which? Reports Davenport Lyons To legal Watchdog

Reacting to numerous protests from internet users, the consumer rights group Which has complained to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) about the means the law firm Davenport Lyons had used to pursue those suspected of illegal file sharing over the internet.

In its complaint before the SRA, Which claims that the tactics employed by Davenport Lyons are not only excessive in nature but can also be equated to bullying of innocent internet users.

Davenport Lyons is known to pursue suspected illegal file sharers from the data it gains from ISPs by sending out threatening letters that apparently requests compensation for the act and related legal costs.

Which mentions that in several instances these letters are dispatched to those wrongly suspected of illegal file sharing; in addition it also claims that Davenport Lyons is unresponsive any clarifications that people offer while contesting these claims and it is known to raise the compensation amount over a period of interaction.

Explaining the rationale behind the complain, Deborah Prince, head of legal affairs at Which mentioned “In the current financial climate, we expect an increase in the action that companies may want to take against individuals. The SRA must investigate all such allegations and take decisive action where necessary.”

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