18 Features Every Netbook Should Have

This week, we will be pondering over five different types of laptops with the view of producing separate templates that we will be pushing on Asus/Intel's Wepc.com soon.

The laptop designs are Server Laptop, Gaming laptop, Desktop Replacement Laptops, Netbook and Ultra Mobile Laptop. Let's have a look today at Netbooks.

With prices starting at well under £200, netbooks have changed the landscape of portable computing for ever by combining affordability and sheer usefulness in a pint-sized volume.

Taiwanese manufacturer Asus was the first company to truly understand and exploit that niche market which turned out to be a rather lucrative one.

Netbooks are perfect for people looking to access the internet on the move and away from landlines. Although they are underpowered compared to the current generation of laptops, they are fast enough to tackle most casual tasks.

Our ideal netbook would have the following:

Ultra thin profile, less than 10mm

An edge-to-edge 12 inch LCD screen with a 1280x800 pixels.

Twin 1.3-megapixel Webcams

Speaker bar

A dual core ultra low power processor

1GB RAM memory


Twin Card readers (one of them with a 16GB SD Card) with the ability to combine both as a single logical drive.

A raft of Input/Output ports : USBs, audio ports, VGA (with a DVI/HDMI converter).

Magsafe power supply unit

8-cell battery

Instant boot on, pre-OS software (like Asus' Expressgate)

Upgradable structure (e.g. pop in CPU for future performance increase).

Windows XP Embedded tweaked for optimum power/performance (with the option of having Windows Mobile 6.5 for instant power-on).

Large PDA-like touchpad

Integrated HSDPA Modem - No need for external dongles

95 percent fullsize keyboard

Magnetic Latch

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