Nokia To Sell USB 3G Broadband Dongles

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is set to enter the competitive market of USB dongles in 2009 and ship what it calls, its first internet stick, in the early months of next year.

According to Tapio Markki, vice president for hardware platform components at Nokia (via Reuters), the world's largest manufacturer of mobiles will leverage its know-how and experience in developing 3G technologies.

Nokia will be competing with China-based Huawei Technologies which produces most of the dongles on the market (including Vodafone and 3), nearly two years after a failed attempt to push internal 3G modems on the market with the help of Intel.

External USB modems and PC cards are expected to grow by 30 percent by next year to reach 26 million units; in contrast, Nokia sells more than 440 million phones.

At the beginning of this month, Nokia launched a new HSPA modem, the CS10, which is compatible with both PC and Mac platform (no word about Linux), and did not provide any details about pricing.

It is likely to be sold mostly though mobile phone networks and can attain a maximum speed of 7.2mbps and upload speeds of 2mbps.

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