Amazon Employees Work Seven Days A Week Without Sickies

One of the most preferred online shopping destinations for this Christmas season, has been reportedly compelling its UK staff to work for seven days a week, and pressurising them with the sack warnings if they take sick leave, according to a newspaper report.

According to an investigative report from The Sunday Times, the casual workforce employed by the online shopping giant over the Christmas season were forced to work an overnight shift on Saturday night, after a normal five-day working week, clearly depicting that the staff is working almost every day of a week.

A single penalty point is being awarded to the workers taking a day off sick, and a worker with six penalty points faces dismissal; in addition, workers aren’t allowed to take sick leave, even if they have a doctor’s sick note, the report added.

Incidentally, the productivity quotas are even harsher, as every member of the staff had to pack 140 Microsoft Xbox consoles individually in an hour to become eligible for bonus payments, and in order to earn bonuses, every member of the team had to hit their targets.

Moreover, the workers notified that they were allowed to take a break of 15 minutes with an additional break of 20 minutes in an eight-hour working shift, after which they had to ask for permission to go to the toilet.

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