Asus Ships New EEE Box With A Celeron CPU

Asus has shipped its new Asus B203 with an Intel Celeron C220 processor rather than the newer Atom processor present on the previous B202 model. The C220 is a slightly older processor released in October 2007, running at 1.2GHz and based on the Intel Core architecture.

One reason that might explained why the processor, which was used in Asus' X58C-AP008E laptop, was chosen by Intel again, is that Asus had gotten itself a great deal, given that the Celeron 420 cost cheaper (at least on Intel's price list) than the 220.

The Celeron 220 is also quicker than the Intel Atom 270 processor although the latter runs at a faster clock speed. Another reason could be that N270 processors are in short supply.

The rest of the box is similar to the old B202. It comes with Windows XP, 1GB memory, a hard disk drive up to 160GB, four USB ports, a flash card reader, a DVI port, WiFi, VESA mounted and occupies a volume of less than 1L.

Expect it to be on sale as from £170 which makes it a great bargain especially since it should be easily upgradable simply by swapping the CPU (just bear in mind to go for a compatible CPU with the same TDP).

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