Carphone Warehouse Giving Away Free PAYG Nokia Mobile Phone

After the £2.89 Motorola phone and the £5 Samsung phone, Carphone Warehouse is now giving away a free Nokia 1650 mobile phone if you can afford to pay the initial £30 worth of airtime (plus unlimited free text for the first 30 days).

You can choose between Dolphin, Canary, Racoon and Camel each of which come with their own set of goodies. A £10 monthly topup on Dolphin for example give you 300 free texts with free mobile access to Facebook, Bebo and Myspace.

The Nokia 1650 blue comes with a FM radio and can last for up to 17 days before it needs recharging. This straightforward phone - which comes with a 65K colour screen - will be ideal as a replacement phone (or if you fly overseas).

The 1650 comes with noise cancellation filter than decreases any background noise as well as three classic games and calendaring features. It can be "purchased" at Carphone Warehouse for £0 (plus £30 for the initial credit).