Intel To Build Car Batteries Predicts CEO

Intel’s former chairman, Andy Grove, has urged the chip giant to start manufacturing advanced batteries for electric powered cars, in order to diversify its core chip business, according to the Wall Street Journal reports.

In an interview to the Journal, Grove asserted that with its huge cash resources, Intel can easily pour substantial investments in battery manufacturing and technology to reduce the price of car batteries, which are the most costly component of electric powered cars.

Grove, who served the company during 90s and retired in 2005, is pushing the chip maker to explore the major business opportunity, and emerge as a key manufacturer of refurbished plug-in car batteries.

Intel’s chief exec, Paul Otellini, declined to comment on Grove’s suggestions, but a spokesman from the company had notified about Intel’s investments in a couple of battery-related firms through its Intel Capital Unit, the paper reported.

Grove, one of the key advocates of plug-in cars, had published a manifesto in the American Magazine, tagged as “Our Electric Future”, in which he advocated for the shift of American auto industry to electricity, primarily for security reasons.

Touting the importance of electricity as a great source of energy, Grove wrote in his manifesto, “Our nation will be best served if we dedicate ourselves to increasing the amount of our energy that we use in the form of electricity”.

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