Internet Better Than Sex or TV For Some Says Survey

As many as 46 percent of women and 30 percent of men would rather quit watching TV or sex for two weeks than renouncing internet access for the same length of time, a recent study has revealed.

Intel Corp., in collaboration with Harris Interactive, carried out a survey, dubbed as “Internet Reliance in Today’s Economy”, of 2,119 adults from US that depicted the significance of internet in contemporary lifestyles of modern adults.

The survey further unveiled that 61 percent of adult women would stop watching TV for two weeks, instead of quitting web access for seven days, and around 58 percent of all US adults echoed the same.

Upholding the worth of web access in their lives, around one third of the adult respondents said that they “can’t live without internet access”.

In addition to sex, the adults surveyed were ready to give up many things, including cable TV subscriptions, dining out, shopping clothes, and gym memberships, over the internet access.

Almost 71 percent of adults said that it is “important or very important” to have proper web-enabled devices, like laptops, mobile internet devices, netbooks that can keep them abreast with crucial issues, including the state of economy, an Intel spokesperson added.

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