Motorola Launches £2.88 Colour PAYG Mobile Phone With FM Radio

Now that the credit crunch is biting, more manufacturers are coming up with more affordable mobile phones and Motorola has just launched the cheapest of them all at only £2.89, cheaper than a pint of beer in the West End.

The Motorola W180 comes with a FM radio and a colour screen capable of displaying 65,000 colours and 128x128 pixels; clearly aiming at a global market, the mobile phone is also capable of displaying 7 African languages as well as Hindi.

It is available exclusively from Carphone Warehouse when bought with £10 worth of airtime from Orange. The W180 is not available on pay monthly contracts unfortunately.

At 85g, it is slimmer and lighter than most mobile phones and its battery has enough juice to provide with nearly 10 hours worth of talk time.

The W180 also sports a built-in FM radio with stereo support and enhanced FM radio UI; you will also be able to access 40 downloadable ringtones via the built-in USB 1.1 port.

Last month, Samsung launched the B130 which us even lighter at 65g but is much more expensive, at .... £5. Alternatively, why not have a look at the Alcatel OTE227 red which is a flip phone and is available for only £19.73 with a £$10 airtime credit.

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