Virgin Sells 50mbps XXL Broadband Service for £46

Virgin Media has officially released Britain's first 50mbps broadband line which is more than double the maximum theoretical speed of 24mbps ADSL2+ broadband from providers like Be Unlimited.

The service will be available to around 1.3 million homes in parts of Scotland, the midlands and South London with the rest of the 12.6 million homes would come by next summer.

Users will be able to grab 50mbps for as little as £46 per month if they also take Virgin's phone line with a paltry 1.5mbps upload speed (which is set to increase in the future).

Also included in the package is a wireless-N router and adaptor, free PCguard internet security application, and more than £300 a year worth of online goodies (that includes 15 free prints a day, 100's of games to be downloaded, 3 free music tracks a month).

There's also a £80 activation and installation fee (although Virgin media is doing a special £50 credit which will be applied to online purchases of three cable services together) and it is not know whether you will be able to bond two lines together (£92 for 100mbps line anyone?).

Be Broadband's service, which maxes out at 24mbps, costs £17.50 per month. It will be interesting to see whether XXL users actually get more than 40mbps out of their 50mbps line.

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