46 million Smart Meters To be Deployed in UK Households

Most of the major telecoms and technology players in UK are geared up to seize the multi-billion pounds contract for manufacturing and installing “smart electricity meters” for all 26 million households in UK by 2020.

UK’s leading telecom companies, such as BT, Vodafone, and O2, along with world’s major systems developer firms, including IBM, Accenture, Logica, and Capergimi, have reportedly started talking about forming consortiums to share the award.

Under the plan, which is said to be put forward to energy industry for consultation in January, IT companies will be called for to bid for a national level contract to operate the data-processing and networking related to energy meters that regulate real-time electricity usage, and set up a link between supplier and household.

In past few weeks, the government and energy industry are in continuous discussions to formulate a proper outlay for introducing these smart meters, and methodologies for processing data obtained from these smart meters.

The contract will include providing around 46 million smart electric and smart gas meters for almost 26 million homes in UK, and it is expected to be awarded in the second half of the next year.

The meters will be designed to assist consumers in monitoring and managing their energy consumption via user-friendly interface, which will thereby help in minimizing energy consumption, and abolishing the requirement for estimated billing.

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