Apple Desktop Sales Hit By Global Economic Downturn

November was a bad month for Apple sales. Research by NPD Group showed that sales of desktop Macs fell by a jaw-dropping 35 percent, pulling Mac sales down by 1 percent year on year.

PC Sales fared better with a 2 percent rise compared to 2007 and while desktop PCs sales fell by 20 percent, laptops more than made up for it with a 15 percent rise during the same period.

Mac customers might be holding on to their current machines either to save money, moving to laptops instead or wait until the iMac range is refreshed.

There's also the fact that Mac are fundamentally more expensive than PCs and the price delta has been exacerbated by the retailers like Dell which have been slashing prices across their product range to boost sales.

NPD analyst Stephen Barker argues that Apple should consider refreshing its iMacs range, further throwing weight behind rumours that Apple might refresh its Mac mini range at Mac Expo 2009.

Meanwhile, Research company IDC reckons that global PC sales should fall to 5.3 percent in 2009 to around $267 billion as the global PC market softens and both consumers and businesses rein in tech-related expenses.

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