Be Combines Two 24mbps Broadband Lines To Deliver 48mbps service

Be There looks set to launch a 48mbps ADSL2+ broadband service by combining two separate 24mbps lines in a process called line bonding after a three month trial in the Paddington Basin in London proved successful.

Back in September 2008, Be invited a few existing customers to trial a new 40mbps service using a brand new bonding technology. It is likely that they use a technology similar to Sharedband, which is known as an "aggregation software suite" (ed: They might also have licensed it out from them).

Users though are expected to experience speeds between 30mbps and 45mbps and, unlike the 50mbps cable broadband service launched yesterday by Virgin media, this gets worse the further you are from the local telephone exchange.

Be, which was the first to introduce ADSL2+ technology back in 2005 before being swallowed by Spanish Telecom giant Telefonica, is currently selling their 24mbps Be unlimited line for £17.50 per month (excluding the mandatory £11.50 per month BT landline rental).

It is highly likely that Be cuts down the price of its own 24mbps when bought in pairs in order to rival Virgin Media's and Be has already announced that there will be further trials for 2009.

Whether other Internet Service providers like BT, Sky or UKOnline will soon follow remain to be seen.

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