Chrome Browser Comes Last In Password Security Test

Google and Apple's browsers, which both share the same Webkit root, came out last during a test aimed at evaluating the security levels of mainstream browsers currently available.

Security specialist Robert Chapin wrote in a report that both Safari and Chrome had the worst password managers with the two joint last having passed only 2 tests out of 21.

Worryingly for Google, Chapin was using the non-beta version of Chrome which is already live.

The top two, Opera 9.62 and Firefox 3.0.4, fared just better with 7 out of 21 passed tests; CIS was particularly critical of Chrome, saying that the bugs in Google's browser could potentially create "a toxic soup of potential vulnerabilities that can coalesce into broad insecurity".

Interestingly (and ironically), Google has just released a Browser security handbook which provides a comprehensive comparison of security features for web developers.

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