Diamond HD 4870 1GB CrossFire Video Card

In the event that you’re done looking for gifts this Christmas season it’s still a great time to purchase, as nearly anything tech related is going to be on sale trying to draw customers in. With the media daily reporting doom and gloom for retailers this seems to be a great time to buy as they are desperate for sales. With that in mind, we decided to take a couple of the very best bang for the buck cards on the market and pit them against each other.

Today we are taking look at one of the best cards that we have come across for gaming performance, the Diamond 4870 1GB. We have covered the 4870 512MB version of this card and saw that it was a stellar performer and was a great step in the right direction for ATI/AMD.

The only problem with a 4870 512MB is that at higher resolutions and with the eye candy cranked up, the smallish frame buffer starts to limit what the card can do and quickly succumbs to its competition, the GeForce GTX 260 series. In order to compete at higher resolutions and eye candy levels, Diamond has outfitted a run of the mill 4870 with an additional 512MB to bring the total to 1GB of video memory! This makes the 4870 1GB the only relevant card outside of the GeForce GTX 280 that has a full 1GB frame buffer dedicated to a GPU.

We say relevant because we have seen cards with a 1GB frame buffer before that made almost no difference at all, and in at least one case actually made the card slower than one with 512MB.

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