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Mobile Sector in 2008 : The Winners

Who has shone in the mobile sector in 2008. Apple of course, but also the BBC. The iPlayer (with a lot of help from the iPhone 3G and the high speed networks) has turned mobile TV from an abject failure to a success story.

Now that the user can control what they want to view, on-line video snacking and podcasts from BBC's iPlayer is replacing the low quality efforts that the networks tried to foist on their subscribers.

Remarkably, Three has reaffirmed its leading position in services and network value in 2008, with a string of new handset launches, tariffs, dongles, services and most especially 'getting' what users want!

Easy access to all the web applications they use at home, but especially Skype, Facebook and my favourite, LastFM. It also embraced Nokia's Comes with Music rather than fighting it.

Another mention must go to all the applications developers that year after year have struggled to get any worthwhile support and outlet from operators and handset manufacturers.

Now with Apple's AppStore the market has completely changed in their favour, Apple having the faith and confidence to prove that users will buy apps if they can get hold of them easily and at the right price.

If a newbie to mobile could do it, why couldn't the operators?