Phorm Shares Rise On BT Announcement

Shares in Phorm have surged by more than 40 percent after the company has successfully completed the trial of its focused advertising technology, with the telecom giant BT.

The duo has completed the successful trial of Phorm’s advertising technology, which tracks the web-users for their browsing interests, and thereby presents targeted adverts to them based on their interests.

Commenting upon the trials, the group said in a statement, “Following the successful completion of analysis, both of the trial results and of any changes required for expansion, BT’s expectation is to move towards deployment”.

Despite losing its 86 percent of market value this year, its shares rose from 82.5p to 282.5, after the group announced successful trial of the advertising technology.

The technology had already been widely criticised by privacy advocates, when BT conducted the test of Phorm’s technology secretly on its users, as they asserted that the technology breached the user’s privacy, by storing crucial data related to their browsing habits.

In addition to providing targeted advertising services, Phorm also offers online security service to internet users, by warning about the counterfeit websites to them.

Back in February, Phorm notified that it had inked “exclusive agreements” with BT, Carphone Warehouse, and Virgin Media, to utilise its advertising technology, for presenting more focused ads to the web users in UK.

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