UK's Top Five Broadband Internet Packages

Virgin Media and Be are both currently vying for the top spot of fastest internet service provider in the country. Both companies launched broadband services that should provide punters with speeds in excess of 30mbps.

The truth though is that only a fraction of web users will actually want such orgy of speed with the rest of us settling for more sedate speeds.

We've rounded up five of UK's best broadband bundles in no particular order which should give you plenty of oomph without leaving your bank account empty. They're not the fastest but represent excellent value for money for the regular surfer. Note that we've left out stand alone internet service providers like Be Broadband or UKOnline.

- Talktalk

If you're quick enough, you can get Carphone Warehouse's superb broadband and home package for only £252 for the duration of its 18-month contract. You will basically be paying £10.49 for the line rental for 12 months. A one off £29.99 connection fee and £0 for broadband and phone for the first 12 months, reverting to £6.49 for month 13 to month 18.

The broadband is an "up-to-8mbps" type with a generous 40GB worth of transfer allowance. The telephone plan is unlimited evenings and weekends calls to UK and 36 international destinations anytime. You will also get a free wireless router and for an extra £4 you can add a number of boosts. There are some minor strings attached - there are only 2500 seats available, the offer is only valid online and if you live in an area where your telephone exchange hasn't been unbundled, you will pay £15 extra - but none are too extravagant. Thanks to Martin Lewis' Moneysavingexpert newsletter for the deal.

- Tiscali

A great alternative to Talktalk is Tiscali which offers a similar deal to the above for £284.82 over an 18 month period (although the shorter 12 months contract means that you can leave earlier). Like for Talktalk, the price includes up to 8mbps ADSL broadband, line rental and a free wireless router but unlike the latter, there's no download limit, only a fair usabe policy. Plus you get inclusive weekend UK and international landline calls. Find out more here.