16 Features That Our Perfect Ultra Mobile Laptop Would Have

This month, we will be pondering over five different types of laptops with the view of producing separate templates that we will be pushing on Asus/Intel's Wepc.com soon.

The laptop designs are Server Laptop, Gaming laptop, Desktop Replacement Laptops, Netbook and Ultra Mobile Laptop. In our final instalment, we will have a look at Ultra mobile laptops.

Just as the price of Netbooks start to creep up, it seems as if they're putting on weight as well with some of them having screens hovering around 10-inch which firmly put them in the mini-laptop segment.

Ultra mobile on the other hand (pun intended) should be light enough to be held in one hand. UMPC's were Microsoft's first attempt at this concept and it failed miserably because of cost and power concerns.

However, the arrival of Netbooks has sparked the revival of UM Laptops and they are set to become even more popular as touchscreens become mainstream.

Our ideal UMPC would have the following features:

A low power CPU. Atom would probably be enough. Other options include AMD Geode and any ARM/RISC mobile cpu

An Instant-on operating system similar to Windows CE or a trimmed down version of Windows XP

At least 1GB RAM/16GB SSD

Edge to edge, Screen should be at most 7-inch and capable of displaying more than 1 megapixel (1280x800)

Touchscreen is a must. Haptic capability is optional

A QWERTY slide in keyboard is strongly recommended. Virtual keyboard and Stylus-based key entry are also welcomed

1.3-MP webcam

WiFi with Bluetooth

Built in HSDPA modem

GPS Module built in

Weight should be kept under 800g

Ultra thin profile

Support for dual microSD cards

4-cell battery

VGA Output & dual Speakers

USB and Audio Ports

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