RIM updates Blackberry 8320 and Releases 8350i model

RIM has been quite busy in the last few months after releasing a new phone every 6 weeks or so; the Canadian mobile manufacvturer has just released its latest model, the Sapphire-blue Curve 8320 smartphone.

The 8320 returns back to the Blackberry roots but still boosts built-in WiFi, a full QWERTY keyboard, a 320x240 colour screen with automatic backlight adjustment, a 2MP camera and the possibility to upgrade internal memory to 16GB thanks to a SDHC slot.

The device, which seems to be an updated version of an existing 8320, also comes with Push to Talk technology and it can connect to more than 17,000 WiFi hotspots worldwide.

In addition, the company has also released another PTT equiped smartphone, the Curve 8350i which includes WiFi, GPS, voice recognition, and a 2MP camera with Flash.

The phone itself isn't particularly attractive, it has a rather large rubbery button with a yellow edge on the left of the smartphone and it is quite thick and heavy (at 113g).

But it will suit those who prefer substance over look ahd the Blackberry OS v4.6 will make sure that work gets done.

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Our Comments

RIM shows that it hasn't forgotten its existing userbase by releasing/refreshing/updating models that have proved to be popular. All the necessary boxes have been ticked and the 8350i and the 8320 will certainly hit home.

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