Vodafone Releases PAYG USB Modem with Card Reader

Vodafone is quickly catching up with the rest of the competition by releasing a pay as you go USB mobile that not only doubles as a memory card reader but has a cool design (ed: they could also have used it as a MP3 player).

The device, called "TopUp and Go", costs a mere £39 and need only £15 worth of credit (that's 1GB of data) to be operational (ed: nice to know that it actually comes with £15 worth of credit as well).

Punters can expect download speeds hovering between 1 and 2mbps (although writing on the tin says 3.6mbps) and upload speeds should reach up to 384kbps.

Unlike many of rival offerings, Vodafone's credit do not expire so you can top up whenever you need to either through their website, in Vodafone stores or over the phone.

The Stick does not work on Mac or Linux and it supports microSD Cards up to 4GB. Note that you won't be able to use the modem stick outside the UK.

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Our Comments

This offer differs from others on the market by the fact that there's no expiry date attached to the data transfer. Also it would be great if USB dongle could do more. They could double as MP3 players, card readers, TV Tuner or even proxy servers.

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