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iPhone Owners Massively Use WiFi Instead Of 3G

A report published by mobile advertiser AdMob showed that UK advert requests on WiFi during the month of November were more than twice that of August (8% vs 4%) as WiFi enabled devices like the iPod Touch, the iPhone and newer smartphones spearheaded a WiFi renaissance for mobiles.

42 percent of iPhone requests were made from WiFi which compares very favourably with other WiFi-enabled phones which tend to hover around 10-20 percent. Unsurprisingly, WiFi usage happened to spike for iPhone specific websites and applications.

Furthermore, Admob figures showed that worldwide requests from iPhones shot up by 52 percent from October to November reaching a phenomenal 359 million, accounting for one in every 16 requests recorded by Admob.

Apple accounted for 78.5 percent of WiFi requests in the US with 154 million, significantly more than the rest of the all other mobile manufacturers put together.

AdMob's survey only covered its own network but should realistically represent the rest of the mobile advertising market in US and UK. Non Mobile phone devices as well are generating significant traffic on WiFi.

The data also showed that Android generated 15 million requests in November and represented 7 percent of all T-Mobile traffic recorded. In terms of mobile OS traffic in the US, Android accounted for 2 percent.

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Our Comments

It comes as no surprise that the iPhone accounts for most of WiFi requests in UK or US. After all, WiFi is free (via The Cloud) for iPhone and iPod Touch users and there are thousands of hotspots around. Plus the iPhone has had the great idea of switching to the best network available in a particular area

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