Microsoft Patches Crucial Internet Explorer Browser Flaw

Microsoft Corp. has finally patched the nasty flaw in Internet Explorer 7, which is claimed to have affected over 2 million users across the globe, in an out-of-cycle security update released on Wednesday.

The vulnerability, if exploited, reportedly enabled hackers to seize control over victims’ computers by tricking them to a website containing malware content, and is known to affect almost all versions of Microsoft’s flagship browser.

The update, addresses the remote code execution on victim’s computer, and rated critical for all versions of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft’s security response team notified that the emergency update contains more than 300 different updates for almost all versions of Internet Explorer in almost 50 languages.

Despite all efforts poured to address the security issue, the emergency response process doesn’t seem to be over yet, the security response team added.

The hackers adopted distinct tactics this time, as instead of directing users to fake websites, they have infected a number of legitimate websites to trick the users, and as per the reports from Trend Micro, the flaw has already infected a massive 10,000 websites over the web.

Microsoft’s Christopher Budd notified that the software giant is encouraging all IE users to download and apply the update as soon as possible, to stay away from such malicious attacks in future.

The update is available as an automatic update, or can be downloaded via Microsoft’s website.

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Our Comments

Kudos to Microsoft for issuing the browser patch as quickly as it did. Interesting to note that Firefox also had a major security update on the same day. This highlights the vulnerability of the two main web browsers with developers on both sides having to do serious fire-fighting.

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