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Mobile Sector in 2009 : Technologies To Watch

What technology should we watch in 2009. Invariably there will be at least one new Apple iPhone hopefully with a useful camera this tie round, and substantial improvements to the software feature (MMS, Copy & Paste, multi tasking, security etc)

Nokia's Ovi is going through rapid feature enhancement and increasingly the disparate elements will be knitted together creating a mobile & web service that will directly challenge Google.

The final integration of Symbian into Nokia's corporate structures will allow Nokia to accelerate these advances. Network technology such as HSPA+ and LTE will continue to evolve, though 2009 will be the year of WiMAX.

It is debatable Whether WiMAX will make much of an impact in Western Europe but in many emerging markets WiMAX offers broadband where fixed broadband and telephony are impossible to deploy.

Sometimes innovations come with a fair few problems. One of these will be integrated projectors. Mini projectors are already being used to project images and text of questionable taste on peoples' walls.

This will rapidly become a more invasive problem with the integration of mini projectors into mobiles.

NFC (Near Field Communication or Oyster cards to Londoners) may just make an introduction in some lower end handsets. Although the security flaws found in NFC may stall wide scale acceptance, the convenience of touch and go may override some objections.