Radeon HD 4870 IceQ 4+ Turbo 1GB video card

After enjoying an almost unchallenged and luxurious period as top dog in its own pricing segment for some time, the last month or two has ramped up the competition between the Radeon HD 4870 (and in particular its variant sporting 1GB) and NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 260, with these two solutions battling out in terms of both performance (via some big boosts in recent driver updates on both sides) and price.

When competition gets so fierce between two particular parts, it often doesn't take much to swap the popular opinion regarding what to buy from one camp to the other, and that's where the subject of today's review comes in. Into the fray comes HIS, and more specifically their Radeon HD 4870 IceQ 4+ Turbo 1GB. The product name may be a bit of a mouthful, but its intentions should be obvious to extrapolate from it, the IceQ referring to a custom, dual-slot cooler which is strapped to the board while the Turbo clearly refers to the factory overclocks applied to this board (which make it the faster part ever built by HIS, according to their own claims).

So, HIS' offering today has a couple of potential claims to fame, but can it stand out from the crowd while the Radeon HD 4870 1GB and GeForce GTX 260 are scrapping away so ferociously as the year comes to a close?

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