Samsung Syncmaster XL30

Today I am going to take a look at one of Samsung's high end 30 inch monitors, the Syncmaster XL30. This is a high cost screen aimed at the professional end of the market and has LED backlighting as well as a stunning color gamut palette beyond the capabilities of all mainstream panels. The Samsung Syncmaster XL30 is capable of displaying 123 percent of the National Television System Commitee (NTSC) colour gamut.

Traditional LCD screens are usually limited to around 80-82 percent, so if colour fidelity and accuracy are of prime importance to you then this screen should already be under serious consideration.

Due to the LED BLU, the XL30 is also able to handle the full Abobe natural colour space/gamut and this is further enhanced by a Colour Management System (CMS) which helps to provide accurate and precise colour.

The CMS includes colour calibration which allows for accurate quality control and also available is Image Viewer, an indispensible tool which corrects colour differences between monitors and printers. Additionally Samsung supply Natural Colour Expert software to allow users to calibrate the monitors colour profile to fit their specific colour requirements.

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