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Sky Demos 3D Television Broadcast In HD

Inching closer to providing 3D television broadcasts for UK viewers, Sky TV has announced that it has successfully examined the delivery of 3D content on domestic televisions, using a high definition (HD) set top box.

Such 3D broadcasts would require specially designed television interface, in addition to a pair of 3D polarising glasses, which is expected to be phased out with the passage of time.

Over the past few months, Sky TV has been capturing a number of sporting events, including football matches of Liverpool, the Gladiators revival, Ricky Hatton boxing matches, and England Rugby matches, using its 3D cameras.

Broadcasts in 3D format have already been demonstrated a couple of times in recent times, as BBC illustrated the coverage of six-nations rugby league in 3D format in March, and Orange Labs from France Telecoms have shown similar broadcasting capabilities during French Open tournament in May.

But, Sky TV claimed that it has moved a step further with the capabilities of delivering 3D content to homes, via an erstwhile HD box and dish, eliminating need for extra equipments for the purpose.

This new demonstration from Sky TV would surely catalyse the production of 3D equipments, and a number of key players in consumer electronics are expected to be displaying their offerings in 3D equipments in the upcoming CES exhibition in Las Vegas.

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Our Comments

3D Broadcasts have for long remained in the realms of science fiction, being considered either as too expensive, too bulky or too immature. British broadcaster Sky promises to bring 3D to lounges rather than cinemas thereby bring the prospects of having millions wooed by 3D high definition content.

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