£68.43 30GB OCZ SATA300 Solid State Drive

OCZ Solid Series Solid State Drives enable enhanced productivity in everyday computing and multi-tasking applications.

Perfect for the latest generation of performance notebooks, the Solid Series is ideal for energy-efficient mobile computing to extend battery life, decreased access time, and provide a durable alternative to conventional hard disc drives with superior shock resistance.

The Solid Series SSD is the quality choice for value-conscious upgraders looking to add the benefits of solid state architechture without the higher price premiums.

Solid Series SSD drives deliver up to an incredible 155MB/s and 90MB/s read/write speeds and seek times of less than 0.35ms, making the Solid series up to 10x as fast on a seek-time basis than the best performing 2.5” HDDs on the market

This device is a 30GB model, comes in a 2.5-inch form factor and connects to the computer using a mini USB port. It comes with a 2 year warranty and its Multi Level Cell will guarantee a faster performance. Buy it from Scan for only £68.43 + P&P.