BBC Introduces iPlayer For Mac and Linux

Jazzing up its offerings for Mac and Linux users, BBC has introduced a new version of its iPlayer, which is now available for download for both Mac and Linux operating systems.

BBC, in conjunction with Adobe, has developed a cross-platform iteration of its iPlayer, tagged as “BBC iPlayer Desktop”, which utilises the Air Technology from Adobe to ensure cross-platform support for iPlayer, which allows its viewers to watch television shows online for up to seven days, after they have been aired.

In addition to accessing the iPlayer content through its website, the new application allows Mac users to download and store their favourite shows on their computers.

Users looking forward to try out the new iPlayer Desktop can download the application from the Labs section of the iPlayer’s website, with the final version of the applications is expected to be around by February 2009.

Besides, BBC has also unleashed a new version of iPlayer application, codenamed “CBBC iPlayer”, which sports vibrant colours and bigger images to promote programs, including Bear Behaving Badly, MI High, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and Russell T Davies.

The CBBC iPlayer offers a form of program guide to users, along with a list of five most recently viewed programs, and provides password-protected parental guidance lock that stops kids watching inappropriate shows on the standard iPlayer.

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Our Comments

Finally! The introduction of the iPlayer for Mac and Linux comes almost exactly one year after the online popular video on demand service was launched. It will be interesting to see how platform figures, once released, stack up. The next steps will now be to release more HD content online and why not get other broadcasters onboard as well.

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