Digital TV Reaches 90 Percent of UK Households

According to a recent report from Ofcom, digital television signals have entered into a majority of UK households, thus marking a striking shift from their earlier reliance on traditional analogue terrestrial signals.

As many as 88.2 percent of UK homes had digital television by the end of September this year, which registered a rise of 3.1 percent on yearly basis, the latest figures from Ofcom revealed.

In terms of numbers, almost 22.5 million households in UK had some form of multichannel televisions by the end of September.

Despite this impressive growth on year-on-year basis, digital televisions take-up had registered a nominal increase of 0.2 percent for the quarter that ended in September, as compared to the previous quarter, with 48.8 percent opted for pay-television services.

The report further notified that around 60 percent of secondary television sets had been transformed to digital by the end of third quarter of 2008, showing 5 percent rise over the same period for last year.

Cumulatively, around 72 percent of total TV sets in UK had been converted to digital during the third quarter, which has marked an increase of 3 percent against the previous quarter.

In addition, the report indicated that around 38.9 percent households had subscribed to Freeview or other such free-to-view satellite service, with only 0.1 percent relied on multichannel analogue cable subscription.

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Our Comments

Digital TV, either through satellite, cable or over the air, has come to maturity. With prices of Freeview set-top box reaching record lows (£10 or less), HD Free to Air Freesat costing only £100 or so, it comes as no surprise that analogue TV is currently on its last legs. Bear in mind also that even if your telly is analogue, you should be able to get connect an external box (freeview, satellite etc).

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