Duchess of York's Laptop Stolen, May Reveal "Intimate" Photos

A laptop containing a number of ‘intimate’ family images of the Duchess of York has been stolen, according to the sources.

Duchess Fergie’s computer was picked during a burglary in Black Cat Sound and Vision Studio in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire last week, and the authorities are investigating the matter.

The stolen laptop is said to contain photographs of Fergie’s family members, including her daughters Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, and her ex-spouse, Andrew, the Duke of York.

The laptop was taken to the studio by an aide to Sarah Ferguson, so that images could be archived and downloaded, and the laptop was there in the studio when the studio was robbed.

According to a source, “The laptop contained pictures of her family and friends as well as snaps taken on her recent travels”, and asserted that the images were taken by the Duchess, and she desperately wanted them back.

Due to the sensitive nature of the photographs, the laptop was not rushed to a local shop for the stored photographs to be printed, the source added.

The robbery took place Thursday last week, and police sources avowed that it was unlikely that the thieves would have known that Duchess’s laptop was at the studio, but cautioned that the offenders could access content stored on it.

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Our Comments

Quite unfortunate that Fergie lost her laptop given the circumstances. It is unlikely though that the photos are sold through the legitimate routes as the seller would be arrested. Maybe the Royal family (and other important personalities) should try to learn how to archive their images by themselves.

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