Microsoft Releases Live Search For iPhone

Microsoft is heating up to the iPhone by making its Live search engine compatible with Apple's uber popular smartphone and stopped short of getting the search engine approved as an application for the the App Store.

iPhone owners can point their browsers to to access Microsoft mobile search engine and should be available for UK, US and Australian users.

The news, which appeared first in MacRumours Forums, appear to have been posted by a Microsoft employee who added that the search results won't be squeezed in the iPhone's screen and will produce much better results than other browsers.

Some users have reported that the search results are better formatted and search results page are displayed much faster while others are yearning for a Microsoft app that would integrate Messenger and Hotmail.

There are also reports that Live search for iPhone will offer Click-to-call functionality for businesses, displaying targeted adverts and earlier this week, Microsoft released its first iPhone Apps, Seadragon mobile.

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Our Comments

It is great that Microsoft is finally embracing the iPhone and considering like a complement to its Windows Mobile family. Until the chaps from Redmond come up with an updated Windows mobile operating system, it will be hard to catch up with Apple. Also, chasing Google in the search segment is a more pressing issue for now than going after Apple.

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