Mobile Sector in 2009 : Products To Watch

Any still unannounced products that we need to keep on our radar? There will obviously be a new iPhone (4G?) and possibly an iPhone Nano , plus a plethora of Android based handsets.

HTC will of course also scatter more Microsoft Mobile devices into the market, though whilst the hardware will be top notch the same will not be said of Windows Mobile. Without Windows Mobile 7 in 2009 Microsoft's user interface will look increasingly tired, especially against Android.

The more interesting devices will launch later in 2009 to support WiMAX and HSPA+ networks rolling out in some countries. It will be interesting to see if the more established monoliths make the commercial decision to sweat their existing network for every dollar before plunging into 4G (LTE, Long Term Evolution) networks in 2010.

Nokia is guaranteed to have a radically improved product offering in 2009 after a dismal 2008. With the leak of their smartphone roadmap and the announcements of the touch screen N97 and high speed 6260 Slide, Nokia should be able to halt the slide in its market share, though not in the volume of handsets shipped.