There’s just too much data!

Recently HP has been making noise about how European data centres are in a real danger of running out of capacity, with many already operating at 82 per cent of their capability. But is there genuine cause for concern for data centres?

It’s true, the demand for data centres (and specifically data storage space) is growing at an exponential rate, and as a result the industry must take steps to meet this demand as the world moves even more towards an increasingly electronic environment.

Currently demand far outstrips supply, and in the current economic climate, money to invest in maintaining existing and build new data centres will be stretched. By 2010 half of all data centres will be running out of power.

But what can be done? Well, there are effective short-term measures that could produce instant benefits for the data centre industry. Existing data centres must start looking at how they will manage power, efficiency and regulation. 70% of all medium to large data centres could cut losses by 45% overnight through power control and by taking advantage of the major advances in virtualisation.

As demand continues to grow, and supply gets shorter and shorter, infrastructure needs to be made more robust and existing data centres must take practical measures to properly manage the flow of their data.