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O2 releases 20mbps broadband for less than £10

O2 has rejigged its broadband tariffs and has canned its 16mbps offer, replacing it by a 20mbps service instead for less than £10 for O2 customers, the cheapest in the UK.

Incredibly, the service doesn't come with any download limit - although there is a fair usage policy (or unlimited usage allowance) - and comes with free 200 free web texts per month as well as McAfee security software for up to 3 computers.

O2 has also introduced a Pro version which also runs at 20mbps but is destined at heavy downloaders.

The Pro vesion offers an enhanced wireless router (a 802.11n router rather than 802.11g model), improved upload speeds (up to 2.5mbps) prioritised customer service, 500 free web texts per month, an optional static IP address and an additional two security licenses; all for £17.13 per month for O2 customers.

Non-O2 customers will need to pay £4.89 extra per month for a minimum of 12 months but no extra connection charge. O2 will conduct a line check to determine the maximum download speed achievable on a customer phone line.

In comparison, Be, which is a sister company to O2 and part of Telefonica group, has 24mbps Be Pro broadband line which costs £21.50 per month.

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Our Comments

O2 has surpassed itself once again. With the introduction of the first 20mbps under £10 (for O2 customers) and without any download limits, the Telefonica-owned company has set the standard which other ISPs will need to achieve.

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