iTunes To Offer 12 days Of Free downloads

Apple has been digging through its extensive catalogue and will provide with rare singles, exclusive live tracks and free music video downloads to its customers from the 26th of December to the 6th of January.

On an aptly named itunes12daysofchristmas website, the e-tailer has also bundled some "classic TV episodes" although it does not mention which series it will be flogging over the days. Quite interesting though that Apple is doing such a promotion AFTER Christmas since the bulk of the other e-tailers are actually focusing on the days before Christmas.

The Smiths, The Script and The Ting Tings are amongst the artists to feature in the iTunes hall of fame.

Users will be encouraged to sign up to newsletter alerts that will inform the subscribers of the exact moment when the content will be available, usually for only 24 hours. Registration will also enlist the subscriber to a prize draw to win 1000 free iTunes tracks.

Major Music Label Warner Music is also having a similar campaign which works like an Advent Calendar with free download everyday from the likes of Estelle, Seal and Seaside Sick.

Apple's freebie offer will only be available in Europe only as the scheme is the work of French Apple European subsidiary, iTunes SARL.

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Our Comments

Obvious question. Why now? Is Apple feeling the credit crunch pinch? Is the Amazon MP3 effect finally sinking in and prompting iTunes to come up with some interesting marketing schemes? On the face of it though, there's not much to sink our teeth into.

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