BBC iPlayer For Kids Rolled Out

This “child-friendly” service from BBC will be available on CBBC website, and allow children to watch their favourite shows for seven days after broadcast, with some programmes will be available for up to 13 weeks as “series catch-ups”.

The new service will allow kids to choose when they watch shows, including MI High, Sarah Jane Adventures, Blue Peter, and many more.

Optimised in an altogether different way, the service relies heavily on visual cues, instead of text navigation, and will exclusively contain programmes designed for children.

Richard Deverell, BBC Children’s controller, asserted that the service is primarily focused to allow children to access their favourite shows whenever they want to see them, instead of any specific scheduled time.

“Children already live in the fully interactive and on-demand world and this important launch means CBBC can be there for them”, he said in a statement.

In addition, BBC has also announced to roll out an innovative version of BBC iPlayer for CBeebies audience in the first half of the next year, which is said to be “designed as a shared online experience operated by parents focusing on programmes for children under six”.

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Our Comments

A children-oriented iPlayer was always something on the shelves because of the success of BBC's CBeebies. Kids will now be able to access their favourite series over and over again and parents will be able to control the content they want their little angels to access.

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