Doctors Warn About Wii Knee Injury Phenomenon

Researchers from Leeds Teaching Hospital have warned users of the Nintendo Wii Gaming console that they might be at risk of injuries if they spend too much time playing their favourite games and if they are not used to exercising.

The team coined the expression "Wii Knee" and many osteopaths suggest that the increase in the number of sprains, fractures and injuries might be partly due to parents (or grandparents) trying to outdo their children. The long festive period coupled with the fact that many will receive the Wii as a Christmas gift means that this Christmas could see a surge in the number of injuries.

Nintendo's gaming console has been an outright success ever since its release back in 2006 and is still commanding high prices; its user base is growing thanks to a number of games like Wii Sports which, unlike Sony's PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, are more physical.

Already a number of websites like Wiidamage, Wiiinjury or Wiihaveaproblem, have documented the damages that the Wii can cause both to the human body and to foreign objects (like a 70-inch LCD television).

Nintendo also has a health and safety page which details what precautions you need to take when playing in the Wii.

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Our Comments

Playing computer games is a good idea to keep you fit as reported by the Dailymail and proudly backed by NHS Choices which says, "Children should exercise and active gaming could be a way to get those who spend a lot of time playing computer games to do more."

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