Google Owns Massive Marketshare In Online Ad Serving

In addition to holding lion’s share in search market, Google also has a substantial presence in ad-server market, a recent study from a content tracking firm unveiled.

As per a recent study from the content-tracking company Attributor, which evaluated ad server calls across around 75 million domains in October, with its AdSense and DoubleClick services, Google accounts for more than half of the share in ad-server market.

DoubleClick and AdSense, with 30.7 percent and 25.8 percent share respectively, together accounts for 56.8 percent share in ad server market, followed by Yahoo, with 9.7 percent, and Revenue Science, with 6.7 percent market share.

The data revealed disappointing figures for Microsoft, which currently holds a nominal 3.8 percent share in ad server market.

In spite of stronghold in ad-server space, Google shares have been declined considerably by 13 points, as against the data published by Attributor in January, when the search giant had a whopping 69.7 share ad servers.

Surprisingly, Google does not lose out its shares to giant players like Yahoo and Microsoft, but to Revenue Science and AOL, which together hold around 14 percent share in ad server domain.

Google’s impressive market share is mainly attributed to its ability of providing both text and display ads, the study added.

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Our Comments

Since Google's acquisition of Doubleclick, many feared that the search engine giant would corner the market and push other players out of the table but that didn't happen. Another interesting aspect is how the players fared in smaller sites and larger sites with Doubleclick doing very well on larger ones while Google outshone the rest on smaller sites.

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