Palm Counts On Next Gen OS Nova To Save The Company

In the second quarter of current fiscal, Palm Inc. has registered substantial losses worth around $500 million, but the company showed huge confidence in its next-generation operating system, codenamed “Nova”, to help it getting back into the mainstream.

The company lost around $396 million in deferred tax-assets, while its smartphone revenues have plummeted notably by $171 million, registering a decline of 39 percent as compared to its revenue figures a year back.

Despite such a dismal performance in second quarter, Palm’s CEO Ed Colligan is largely banking on its Linux-based mobile operating system Nova to help the company win its customers back.

Colligan further ascertained that the new Nova OS is already there in the wild, with a number of developers pouring efforts to develop applications for its Nova operating system.

Speaking on the availability of Nova for developing purposes, Colligan said in a statement, “There are existing developers that we’ve briefed; we want to make sure that we have a robust set of applications as we launch the product, but we haven’t made it a broad-based thing at this time”.

The new OS from Palm is expected to hit the market in the first of the next year, Colligan added.

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Our Comments

The company largely credited with making the concept of Personal Digital Assistant credible (and bankable) is in deep trouble. Palm is hemorrhaging money and needs something special to boost its bottom line and rally developers around it. Could Nova be that saviour? Next year will be quite interesting indeed.

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