A Quarter Of UK Broadband Users Get "Ripped Off" By ISPs

More than a quarter of broadband users in UK are still paying unexpected charges on their internet bills, a recent survey from price comparison site moneysupermarket.com has revealed.

As many as 27 percent of UK broadband customers are paying extra for set-up costs, paper billings, and non-direct debit payment that cumulatively comes around for an additional GBP 36 for each customer in a year

Among these paper billing and non-direct debit payments, with nine percent and seven percent contribution respectively, form the major part of these extra billings, in addition to late payments and installation costs.

The survey further revealed that around a quarter users in UK don’t read the terms of their contract properly, while 8 percent avoid reading it at all.

Consequently, around 60 percent of Virgin Media users, 65 percent of BT customers, and 53 percent of Sky customers were totally unfamiliar with the additional costs they might incur, the company stated.

Affecting more than 4.5 million households in UK, broadband users have paid almost £160 million as extra charges, during past one year, the company added.

In order to avoid these unexpected charges, moneysupermarket.com has urged broadband customers to read their terms of contracts thoroughly, and should watch out for various crucial things, including charges for surpassing downloading limits, set-up costs, and other maintenance and service costs.

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Our Comments

Additional charges are to be expected as more ISPs cut costs to stay competitive. However it is quite interesting to find out that the majority of customers of the top 3 ISPs providers have no clue of additional charges that could be listed on their monthly statements. With the current economic mayhem, expect more telecoms providers to squeeze more revenues from their customers.

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