Sony Set To Release "Revolutionary" Laptop On January 9th

Sony will be launching a new VAIO laptop on the 9th of January, which according to the Consumer Electronics giant, "will change the way you look at laptops forever".

At the moment, only Sony's New Zealander website appear to be hosting this website and many have pointed that the 9th of January is the day before the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Sir Howard Stringer, Sony's chairman and CEO, is expected to give a keynote address there and possibly launch a few interesting products as well.

Sony is one of the few computer manufacturers which haven't yet released netbooks so chances are that they will announce an upmarket version.

Both Engadget and Sonyinsider brought together bits of information collected on the US FCC's website about the new laptop(s).

The PCG-1P1L and PCG-1P2L (as they are unofficially known) are expected to be as small as Sony's popular-but-expensive Picturebook which came back then with Transmeta's Crusoe Processor.

They will run Windows XP and come with Bluetooth, 802.11n WiFi, EVDO, HSPA (using Qualcomm Gobi Chipset) and possibly a 8-inch LCD monitor.

Sony hasn't updated its Picturebook range for a while and it hasn't replaced the Picturebook family since the range was phased out.

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Our Comments

It is a Sony. So it is bound to be uber expensive. Expect the device to retail for a shade under £500 and to be a cut down version of existing expensive Sony sub-laptops already on the market like the Sony Vaio TT90 which costs around £2000. Ah, if only Toshiba came up with a replacement for the legendary Libretto range AND Psion came up with their own version...

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