FilmOn Promises Faster HD Video Downloads, a video-streaming website, will be launching its new technology HDi this week, offering speedier streaming capabilities to its customers, which is said to transform the broadcasting industry remarkably.

The prime benefit of the new HDi service from FilmOn will be its ability to bring high definition (HD) content quickly even on slower broadband connections, reducing the buffering times to a great extent.

According to Alki David, the 47th richest man in UK, the new HDi service is a “virtual cable television service”, which could be accessed on a variety of devices, including computers, TVs, and even mobile phones.

Describing the significance of the technology, Mr. David said in a statement, “People used to dress up to go out to the cinema. Then it was a trip to the video store. Now you’re at home with your plasma TV and an internet connection”.

However, the rising popularity of online video-streaming websites, like and YouTube, has lead the technology analyst firm Gartner to forecast that around 20 million people will be subscribing to web-based TV services by the end of the year, marking a 64 percent rise over a period of one year.

Introduced in May this year, FilmOn currently holds a collection of 7,000 films and documentaries, with around 70 percent of them are free of charge, and offer paid content for around £3.99 for a one-day period.

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Our Comments

It is a pity that Filmon's website is not compatible with Chrome yet (although it supports Safari). Filmon's library is still no match for the likes of iTunes or DVD renting warehouses like Lovefilm or TescoDVD. Also Filmon could possibly investigate a partnership with games distribution services like Steam to complement its service.

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