Logitech DINOVO Keyboard

Logitech has had a great deal of success with their diNovo-branded keyboards.

The original, the diNovo Media Desktop, was released over five years ago and featured a keyboard, media pad and mouse. A few years later, the diNovo Edge was introduced and despite its high price tag, is still one of the most popular media keyboards among end users. Since then, we have seen the diNovo Edge Mini and even Mac versions come to fruition. Today we will be taking a look at the latest incarnation of the diNovo, the diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks.

The diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks arrived in the standard Logitech green and black retail package with a large photo of the board on the front and a breakdown of its features on the rear. A complete list of features can be found below, borrowed from Newegg.com

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