Photos, Rumours of Apple's New Macs Emerge

The surest place to find hints of any new Apple product has to be in China or Taiwan because of the "leaky" supply chain; Economic Daily News of China has received information indicating that Apple will launch a new all in one iMac in Q1 2009.

ODM Specialist Quanta Computer is already expecting orders totalling 2.4 million for the first three months of next year as the product is due to be launched at the forthcoming Macworld. The number roughly correlates with the 2.3 million Macs that Apple sold in Q1 2008.

The new iMac (and indeed any new Apple Macs) is likely to use Intel's new low power Intel Quadcore processors as well as the same Nvidia MCP79 graphic subsystem which found it way in the latest Apple notebooks.

Meanwhile Macenstein received a photo of what appears to be the picture of a Mac mini with a "slot in" drive and the slogan "the world's smallest desktop computer". The majority of observers though agree that it is likely to be a fake "photoshopped" image.

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Our Comments

Apple cannot afford not to launch a new range of computers right now. With customers tightening their belts worldwide, the Cupertino-based company needs something really special to woe prospective buyers and nail other lower-priced rivals.

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