Sock and Awe Website Sells For More than £5000

Ever since the high voltage shoe incident broke out, a large number of online games appeared over the web that enables users to virtually fling a shoe at President George W. Bush.

Out of the large number of such games available online, ‘Sock and Awe’, developed by Alex Tew, is among the favourites, as within few days of the incident a whopping 45 million shoes had been thrown by some 4.5 million users across the world, via the website.

Alex, a 24-year-old from London, has sold the game to an auction website for £5,215, a good deal for less than 4-days effort.

The game was purchased by the company called Fubra, which has reportedly put adverts on the website, and claiming to recover their amount within a couple of days.

In its auction page, amazed by the popularity of, Tew asserted that he had developed the website just for fun.

Describing the reasons for its auctioning, Tew wrote, “So, now we are selling it because a) we don't really know what to do with it, b) we can recover some of the hosting costs (plus pizza and beer costs!), and c) the money will be useful for our little four-man start-up”.

Figures have revealed that people from the United States have thrown the maximum number of shoes through the platform, followed by residents from France, Australia, and the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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Our Comments

Alex's website sold for slightly less than the million dollar he got from the million pixel homepage he set up before. Still, paying £5215 for a website that pulled in that many adverts. The amount of buzz it generated though was phenomenal as well with nearly 31000 people viewing the Ebay page and coverage on major news websites like BBC and Sky.

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