Telcos Must Ramp Up Mobile Broadband Capacity

It seems that telecommunication players will have to explore out new ways to offer next generation mobile broadband connectivity with soaring demand resulting out of a drastic increase in sale of notebooks in the recent past.

Niall Murphy, chief strategy officer and co-founder of the mobile broadband service provider firm The Cloud, indicated that there is a massive growth in the capacity consumption within the wireless broadband networks, which outstrips the capability of existing mobile broadband technologies.

Citing the need for some serious revamping in existing wireless broadband capabilities, Mr. Murphy said in a statement, “There is simply no way that there is sufficient spectrum capacity in high density population environments to service that demand – it’s unsustainable”.

In addition, he claimed that the solutions for providing intensive mobile broadband coverage lie in a mix of different areas.

One of these crucial areas, he added, is applying for spectrum space, which could squeeze out some substantial space from the radio spectrum in an effort to meet the wireless broadband requirements.

According to recent reports from telecoms industry analyst firm Ovum, tagged as “Global mobile market outlook: 2008–2013”, published this month, in spite of ongoing economic crunch, the development of wireless data services will mark positive trends in growth in foreseeable future.

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Our Comments

Demand for wireless network capacity has shot up tremendously thanks to mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPod touch. And this will go even further as more mobiles adopt 3G and 4G technology in the future. Telecommunication companies should start investing right now to prevent any bottleneck to occur.

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